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Coliving & Coworking Spaces Noma Village Lagos


Where Travel becomes Life

Travelling as a Digital Nomad can be tiresome, especially if you're just by yourself and coming to a new place where you haven't been before. It takes time to adjust to your new environment, to settle, to find the right people to surround yourself with, and of course, there's so much to discover. You're mostly starting at zero.

So how would it be if you'd straight be in a place you can feel at home, with like-minded people around you and with everything that you need to live & work properly?

Here we are, welcome to our Noma Village Coliving & Coworking Community Space! From your arrival onward, you'll be part of our Community, live in your own private room with a private bathroom, have space to get your work done and the feeling of having arrived.


Feel like Home. Your own spacious private room comes with a private bathroom, a little desk, heating/cooling and a large, comfy bed. Cleaning service included.

coworking space portugal

Coworking Spaces

We have two separate Coworking spaces which you can use to get your work done, a big one and a smaller studio. The former one comes with a couch area & balcony as well. Accessible 24/7 with fast WiFi and two monitors for free use.

coliving community portugal

Coliving Community

Say Goodbye to loneliness and Hello to our Community Life. Be part of our wonderful, hand-selected group of Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers. Make the most of your time, and participate in communal activities or just hang out together. 


Fantastic Beaches

If you love beaches, you'll love this area. We have countless gorgeous beaches around, the closest one is a 10min walk and half a dozen more in Lagos. 


2 communal Kitchen

Cook your own meals in one of our two fully equipped kitchens that contain all essentials. Storing capacity and fridges as well. 


2 Pools

Hang out by one of the pools and have a dip in the water. Pools are not heated, so it's ideal for practising cold exposure á la Wim Hof in the winter times. 

workation surfboard

Surfboard Rental

Portugal is a surfers' paradise. And what's better than starting or ending a day on the ocean? We have several different-sized surfboards & wetsuits here for you to rent. Everything you need to catch some waves. 

outdoor areas

Outdoor Areas

Enjoy our big property and chillout areas to work or relax outside next to the pools. WiFi connection is available on the whole property. Life can be so good!

coliving house

Feeling Home

Family-owned and not investor-hypergrowth-driven like other coliving startups. That reflects in the vibe & energy of this place, and it is what makes Noma Village so unique and gives you a feeling of home and connection.

You'll be living together with me, Kevin (31y from Germany). I'm your host and main coliving operator here at Noma Village. I've been here for almost 2 years now already (time flies in paradise) and currently managing the second season of our Coliving & Coworking project. After you inquire, you'll have the Discovery Call together with me, and I'll be around here to welcome you and give you a tour on your arrival so that you instantly feel welcomed and connected. For questions and recommendations (especially beaches), I'm here to support you as well. Despite that, I initiate communal events, I love to organize excursions to show you and our Community more of this wonderful country, and I also like to bring you to some nice events to make you experience the amazing vibe of the Algarve area.

Find me on Instagram or read more here.

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