A haven in the heart of community

Nomavillage goes beyond being a place to crash—it's where your room turns into your cozy hideaway, and the shared spaces transform into your playground. It's all about that perfect balance between having your own chill space and enjoying the good vibes with your fellow Colivers.

Our Coliving setup includes three houses, each facing the other, with two cool pools in between. Each house is packed with comfy private rooms, all with their own bathroom. We've got shared spaces, too—think of them as our main hub for Coliving & Coworking. Open 24/7, they're the heart of our village.

On our spacious property, you can find your Zen, take a dip or relax by the pool, catch the sunrise from the rooftop, or just sip your morning coffee on the balcony. Our Coliving vibe is easygoing, with no strict schedules. Things just happen naturally, bringing us all closer.

Every week, we come together for a communal meal, and Thursdays are all about yoga sessions. If the ocean is calling, you might spot a crew heading out for a surf or swim. As the day winds down, there's always an opportunity for a spontaneous excursion to catch the breathtaking sunset on the cliffs. Evenings are alive with someone always hanging out in our main spaces. And guess what? That's just the start—we're always up for new adventures, making sure no moment goes unexplored.

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