Friends you haven't met yet

It's not just all about Coworking; we're also here for Coliving. That means making the best out of our time together and enjoying this beautiful life here in the sunny Algarve, Portugal. Noma Village is a place where like-minded people can come together into a Community. Especially as a Digital Nomad, it can be a lonely journey when you travel to a new country. But don't worry, you won't be alone anymore (despite in your room). Up to 15 people can colive when it's fully booked, so there is always someone to hang out with if you feel like it. We want to be a group in which we share knowledge, experiences and stories, have a positive and inspiring impact on each other and grow as humans. So many deep connections and also business partnerships have already emerged from this.


What makes it so fluently is that we are living together like flatmates. This requires a certain willingness to integrate yourself into the community. We'd invite you to be an active part; however, if you need some private time that's all right since nothing is a must. Coliving also includes taking responsibility for keeping the communal spaces (especially the kitchen) clean. With your actions & behaviour, you are shaping everyone else's experience. Thus we want to make it as pleasant and respectful as possible so that we all can deeply enjoy our time and bond. 

Activities we've shared with our Coliving Community here in Portugal already:

  • weekly Yoga classes with Jane

  • Meditations, Breathwork, Sound Healing

  • Surfing & Stand-Up Paddling

  • Roadtrips

  • Workshops (e.g. about personal development or sustainable living)

  • Hiking trips

  • Beach days

  • Beach Cleanups

  • Cooking sessions, community dinner

  • Festivals, Parties, Raves & Ecstatic Dances (not excessively, but a little party never killed nobody ;) )

Coliving & Coworking Spaces Noma Village Lagos