Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions and the corresponding answers that we've seen quite often:

Will I have a private room?

Yes, all our rooms are private and have their own bathroom. Each room also has a little desk so you can make your calls in a silent environment.

How many people will be around?

We have 15 rooms total, usually, single-occupancy which leads to 15 people when booked out. But since we have a big property, two Co-Working spaces, two kitchens and outdoor facilities, it does not feel so crowded. However, we restrain the number of double-occupancy in times of high bookings to ensure it's not becoming too big.


Can we join as a couple?

Usually, our rooms are single-occupancy, but we have a dedicated, large room for couples. Since there are 15 rooms, and when they're all booked, hosting too many couples would lead to overcrowded space. Thus, we can only host a very small number of couples simultaneously, depending on the vacancy situation. Please note that the rate for couples is slightly higher. 

What kind of people are in your Community?

We are an international Community with Digital Nomads from multiple professions. Thus our main language is English. We had various Startup founders here, self-employed/freelancers and also regular remote workers. 

What do you mean by "Conscious Community"?

We aim to attract authentic people who are engaged or interested in spirituality and personal development. You've probably heard the quote "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with". Thus, we want to create a positive and inspiring environment for everyone, enabling you to flourish and grow. 

Why do I have to inquire?

We are a curated Community, meaning that we use an application process to ensure we bring the right people together. We don't want to be a place where people can just walk in. The attitude and the vibe of every individual in the group shape the overall experience of everyone else. Thus, we define ourselves as a conscious community (read the point above) because this is where the magic comes from: by bringing together people with a growth mindset. So many of these "coincidences" have happened here already, we are like an incubator for the magic life has to offer. It's that spark that arises when like-minded people live together, which can ignite many other areas of our life. To ensure this energy persists, we have an inquiry process and a personal call before we invite you to be a part of Noma Village. 

Do you offer discounts for longer-term stays?

Sorry, but we usually don't offer discounts.

How old are people in your Community?

We're mainly aiming for people in their mid 20's till end 30's. Besides, slight deviations are of course welcome.

What's the price for a room?

Depends on the length of stay. Please refer to the Rates section here

Do you have C*VID measures in place?

No! Unvaxxed people are especially very welcome.

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