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Living in Noma Village means being part of a curated Community of other individuals coliving and coworking here. We want to bring the right, like-minded people together to create a positive, harmonious vibe that everyone can enjoy and that facilitates growth & inspiration for each one. Cause this is where all the magic comes from!

To ensure this, we ask you to send us a little inquiry about your background and intention. In a short video call (it's just a little informal conversation), we want to get to know you a bit better to see if it vibes. If so, you are invited to move in and experience this wonderful environment.


Please note: Staying in Noma Village is also about participating in our Community life, at least to a certain degree. If you're just looking for a room to stay in and do your own thing, we'd kindly ask you to look for something else. Please make sure to read the Community section.

You want to join? Awesome, just use the following form. Still not sure? Click the button to take a look at our testimonials. Any questions? Check our F.A.Q. or just reach out.

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