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Coliving, Coworking & a Community that cares

"You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with", maybe you've heard that famous quote by Jim Rohn already. We are greatly influenced by the people whom we spend our time with. Thus, we strive to bring together the right, like-minded people to create an environment that facilitates growth & inspiration. The resulting vibe is what makes Noma Village so special. And this is where all the magic sparks, from our curated Community of amazing individuals coliving and coworking here. 

To ensure that this kind of surrounding persists, we apply an inquiry process that consists of an application form and a video call. It is not possible to book a room otherwise.


Please note: Staying in Noma Village is also about participating in our Community life, at least to a certain degree. If you're just looking for a room to stay in and do your own thing, this is not a place for you. Please make sure to read about our Coliving Community

You want to join? Awesome, just use the following form. Still not sure? Click the button to take a look at our testimonials. Any questions? Check our F.A.Q. or just reach out.

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