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Coliving, Coworking & a Community that cares

"You are the average of the people you surround yourself with", maybe you've heard that famous quote by Jim Rohn already. We are greatly influenced by the people whom we spend our time with. Thus, our thoughtfully curated Community provides a nourishing environment for individuals to discover, explore and practice new ways of conscious living in relationship to themselves and others.

The resulting vibe is what makes Noma Village so special. And this is where all the magic sparks, from our curated Community of amazing individuals coliving and coworking here. ​Our minimum stay of four weeks is intentionally designed to give you the time for building lasting friendships, exploring our vibrant Community, and collectively embarking on a journey of personal and spiritual growth.

To maintain this unique atmosphere, we've crafted an inquiry process that includes an inquiry form and a easy-going video call. Please take a few minutes to go through the following form.

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