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Join Season 23/24

We're thrilled to announce the kickoff for our third season in October! To make this one even more outstanding than the previous ones, we have made some small modifications which you can see listed here. 


Conscious Coliving

We want to emphasize the aspect of bringing together self-aware, conscious & spiritual human beings into our Community even more. The most wonderful magic and growth unfold when these individuals come together and engage with each other. 

Monthly Stays

We found out that the most harmonious and deep connections arise when a Community stays together for a longer period. Thus, the minimum stay period will be 4 weeks. To further facilitate the Communtity dynamics, each month will have a specific arrival period for everyone to join, meaning that the whole group starts together into their 4 week journey.


Group Activities

We want to foster the power of community and connection. That's why certrain group activities are now included in your stay! Join our weekly Yoga class to stretch, relax and find inner peace. Each month's cohort also starts with a facilitated opening ceremony, which is a great opportunity to build deeper connections, set intentions and welcome new colivers.

Join our Community

In this season, we will have dedicated arrival dates. This is how we want to facilitate even better group dynamics: by having our Colivers arrive at (almost) the same time and have them stay for at least 4 weeks together. With an initial event, we'll break the ice and boost the Community vibe. 

Best to arrive around the following period(or ± 2 days)

14. - 22. October | 11. - 19. November | 8. - 17. December | 6. - 14. January

The individuals we aim to draw in

In probably every advertisement for a Coliving space, you'll find the term "like-minded people". But what truly defines this "mind" that unites everyone? In most cases, it's just the fact that they share the attribute of working remotely. We differ from the most typical Colivings. We aim to attract a special kind of people because the most beautiful magic and synchronicity unfold when these individuals come together. 


Choosing to surround ourselves with individuals who share the following values and traits can create a harmonious and enriching Community vibe where personal growth and deep connections are omnipresent, allowing everyone to flourish and expand their potential. Our thoughtfully curated Community provides a nourishing place for individuals to discover, explore and practice new ways of conscious living in relationship to themselves and others.

You're likely a fit if you're...

👍 seeking meaningful connections

👍 respectful of people around you

👍 taking responsibility for cleaning up after yourself (e.g. in the kitchen)

👍 engaging in spiritual practices/personal growth (or curious to explore)

👍 experienced in sharing spaces with others

👍 having an open and curious mindset

👍 valuing sustainability and eco-friendliness

It's likely not a fit if you're...

👎 just looking for a room to stay

👎 not interested in spiritual exploration or personal growth

👎 unable to clean up after yourself or to maintain a clean environment

👎 looking for a boozy party place

👎 having a closed and resistant mindset 

If this resonates with you, it's your sign ✨

You can join us from the 14. October within each arrival period (see above, exceptions may be possible if it doesn't work out otherwise for you).


To join, apply by filling out our application form. Please take a few minutes to do this. After a review of your application, you'll be invited for a short 15min Discovery Video Call (check your inbox/spam). If it vibes, you can book your stay at Noma Village. Check here for rates.

See you at Noma to co-create magic together ✨🤙

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