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In our first season from September 2021 till June 2022, we have had more than 60 Digital Nomads, Remote Workers & Entrepreneurs coliving & coworking together, from more than 14 countries (Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, Austria, USA, Mexico, Isreal, Egypt, Hungary, Denmark, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy). Here we'd like to share some of their words about their experience. See how positive and impactful people perceive their stay in Noma Village:


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The moment I entered Noma Village, it felt like home. The great vibe between entrepreneurship, personal development and fun is extraordinary. We all call it a magic place, because magic things really happen here. I felt like a newborn when I left and I will always be grateful for my time at Noma. I met the most wonderful human beings that I can definitely call my friends right now and I will never forget the moments we shared together. Highly recommended to anyone who’s open for the flow of life.



Noma village is a great place for Coliving and coworking! I’ve been to quite a few and this is definitely one that stands out. It’s the largest I’ve seen so far which means you get to meet the most people in one place, living and working together! Aside to the place itself, it’s located in a beautiful area with perfect weather.