Workation Camp 

Colive, Cowork & Co-Growth

For the start of the next season, we're creating a special program to bring you all the miracles Noma has to offer! In our first "Workation Camp", we want to invite you to immerse yourself for two weeks in this magical environment. Be part of a small group of like-minded people and flourish while having time to get work done. You're especially invited to join our Miracle Morning Routine on the beach and experience a mindful way to start your day empowered & enriched.  

One main pillar of the Workation Camp will be a very special Miracle Morning Routine. It has changed my life, and so will it change yours. We will run to the beach together (8 min one way) for the sunrise and then have a variation of breathwork, meditation, priming, and journaling such as a dip in the fresh ocean afterwards. You'll come back afterwards fully energized and empowered, ready to start the day. Of course, you're free to join, it's an invitation that can help you to build empowering routines.

This video shows a sneak peek. Imagine starting your day mindfully on this marvellous beach, seeing the sunrise and being together with great people. There's no better way to start a day.
(The video was filmed in summer when sunrise was super early; that's why the sun is already quite up. In September the sunrise will be around 7:20 am)

During the day we will have time to get our work done, either in the Coworking space, on the balcony or next to the pools. If you need some extra motivation, you're invited to join a commitment buddy session at the start of the week where we commit to certain goals and keep each other accountable in a positive manner. 

Besides that, we also want to engage in group activities. You can get excited for a guided sunrise stand-up paddling along the cliffs and caves, surfing incl. a lesson on the west coast, hikes along the ocean on the ancient fishermen's trail with its breathtaking views, a road trip to explore the magnificent beaches, Yoga sessions, meditations, workouts, communal lunch/dinners and more...

We want to provide you with an environment for growth & relaxation. On the one hand, we want to engage in personal growth and spiritual activities. On the other hand, you have the possibility to unwind from your usual day-to-day life. In our first year, we had already more than 60 people living and working here, experiencing this enriching environment created by the Community, our little Village and Lagos itself. Now it's time for another season full of magic!

​What to expect from the Workation Camp:

  • Join a life-changing Miracle Morning Routine on the beach

  • A curated group of 5 like-minded people

  • Weekly guided Yoga Session  

  • One sound healing/bath session 

  • Group Activities

  • Day Roadtrip along the west coast

  • Surf Day with private group lesson on the west coast

  • Commitment Buddy Sessions

  • Hikes along the breathtaking coastline

  • Guided sunrise Stand-up Paddle Tour along the cliffs and caves (3h)

  • A private room with a private bathroom for you

  • Our spacious main Coworking area with kitchen, balcony and all other amnesties of Noma Village (like pools)

Noma VillageIGtrans.png

The difference between the Workation Camp to the normal Co-Living & Co-Working is that the former is more crafted with its activities, adventures and collective morning routine. We will experience some of the highlights from last season in just 2 weeks. The latter one is more free-flowing and unguided. If you want to get the most out of it, make time in the morning (7 am, business days at least) to participate in our routine on the beach, you'll never want to miss this again afterwards. 

Join our Endeavour

​15 Days from the 19. September - 03. October 2022

Your contribution: 820 € 

This includes all activities and amenities listed above.

Additional expenses for personal or communal things like lunch/dinner or fuel will be shared


Fully booked!