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About Noma

Authentically, warm-hearted and renowned

Welcome to our wonderful oasis, a special kind of Coliving & Coworking Space. Our property is owned by a lovely local Portuguese family and during the side season, Digital Nomads take over the place. What we're creating here is different to other Coliving spaces out there. Since we don't have any investors or third-party interests involved, we don't need to obsessively fill our spaces for the sake of achieving the highest revenues. Especially with Coliving, it is essential for a pleasant experience that the Community vibes and that people engage with each other. That's why we focus on creating a soulful space filled with special people. It also involves turning down people if it does not vibe (but this has happened seldomly, we're naturally attracting fantastic people). But this way we can keep Noma Village the way it is, a magical oasis for wonderful people from all over the world.   

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Hey! My name is Kevin (IG: kev_hfmn), 31 years from Germany, and I'm managing Noma Village Lagos, and also I'm your main Coliving operator.

My journey as a Digital Nomad started without any proper plan in mind in Portugal in January 2021. Two months later, I came across this beautiful accommodation and directly fell in love with it. It was one of these "coincidences" that brought me here. The wish to establish a Community of like-minded people has emerged within me since I arrived here. One day, Susana (our landlady) offered me to manage something like this on her property, and it felt like my thoughts got answered. And now, we are already in our second season, have welcomed more than 100 different souls and have created countless memories. I just love bringing like-minded people from all over the world together here in this amazing location. In the current time of global transitions, it's even more important than ever that we come together and have a positive impact on each other and the world. So I'm here to facilitate and host our Community and to make sure that it vibes.

It is my wish to turn Noma Village into an enriching experience for everyone. Into a community where everyone feels at home and connected. Where we support, motivate and inspire each other. Where we can grow and expand ourselves. Where friendships evolve and group activities bind together. 

This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey,

and I am super thrilled when you want to co-create and contribute. 

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