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Get work done without being alone

If you're looking for a space to work and live in sunny Portugal, we've got you covered all beneath the same roof(s). Coworking at Noma Village is more than just a place to work. Let yourself be inspired and motivated by sitting together with our Coliving Community members in the same space, where everyone works on their stuff. It's a strong boost for your productivity and commitment to be surrounded by ambitious people compared to sitting alone in your home office.

Our main Coworking Space is a big dedicated flat that we have turned into an office space & living room. No need to work next to the bed in your private room anymore! Here, you find two big desks, a chillout niche, a fully equipped kitchen and our dreamy balcony on which you can chill or work too. Also ideal for enjoying your morning coffee or tea while catching the first sunrays of the day. If you have a call or meeting, you can use the call booth downstairs to not disturb your coworkers.

On the other side of the pool in the second villa, you'll find our little Coworking studio. This one is also equipped with another big desk, a kitchen, toilet and a little winter garden. So in case you should need a change of scenery, just walk over to the other space.

Other than that, you can also find a workplace outside next to our pools. We have a roofed area with WiFi access you can use for working too. If you need some more privacy for coaching calls or deep work, you have a little desk in your private room too.

What makes Coworking in Noma Village so unique:

  • Two separate Coworking spaces on the property 

  • Two WiFi networks (fastest with max 500 Mbps Download / 120 Mbps Upload)

  • Large common desks and suitable chairs

  • Balcony with seating possibilities, pool- & oceanview

  • Coffee machines

  • Call Booth in the main Coworking space

  • Outdoor facilities to work from (roofed, next to the pools)

  • A large and fully equipped kitchen with two fridges and storage containers

  • Another kitchen in the second house

  • Chillout niche

  • Shared bathroom

  • Accessible 24/7 exclusively for all our Community members

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