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At Noma Village, it's not just about Coliving & Coworking; it's also about Community. Set in the stunning Algarve region of Portugal, we're a Community bringing together self-aware, conscious & spiritual human beings, who are seeking meaningful connections and a beautiful life.

In probably every advertisement for a Coliving space, you'll find the term "like-minded people". But what truly defines this "mind" that unites everyone? In most cases, it's just the fact that they share the attribute of working remotely. We differ from the most typical Colivings. We aim to attract a special kind of people because the most beautiful magic and synchronicity unfold when these individuals come together.

As a Digital Nomad, travelling to a new country can sometimes feel lonely, particularly if you don't know anyone in your destination. It takes time to settle, meet others and discover the area. But no worries, this time of loneliness is over! From your arrival in Noma Village, you'll find yourself immersed in our wonderful Community. We're here to foster a sense of togetherness, where like-minded people come together to share knowledge, experiences, and stories. We believe in making a positive and inspiring impact on each other's lives, nurturing deep connections, and maybe even forming business partnerships along the way.

What sets us apart is the way we live together as flatmates. It's not just about finding a place to stay; it's about willingly integrating yourself into our Community. We encourage you to be an active part of the collective and similarly respect the need for personal time and space. As we are all a part of the Coliving Community, it comes with the responsibility of keeping the communal areas clean and welcoming for everyone, especially the kitchen. Every action and behavior you show shapes the experience for everyone else, and it's our collective goal to make it as enjoyable and respectful as possible, creating unforgettable bonds and memories during your time with us.

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